Our philosophy

Our performance makes up our identity!

The principle of the ikb/vhi-group is based on a profound understanding of the needs of our customers, suppliers and partners. It is the result of a constructive dialogue between all the sectors of our company and makes up the essence of our culture and method of working, both internally and externally.

This philosophy shows values and principles which determine our actions and, at the same time, offers a basis to go by during our day-to-day work:

  • We think and act solely on behalf of our customers.
  • We are outgoing and honest, both internally and externally: we stick to our promises and take responsibility for possible mistakes on our part.
  • We provide information in an active and personal way.
  • We are convinced that only long-term, intensive relations with our customers, partners and suppliers will guarantee our success.
  • We know and are aware of the facts. If not, we make enquiries.
  • Conflicts are always dealt with objectively, never subjectively. Our criticism is never personal emotional, offensive or negative, but always constructive and positive.
  • The needs, desires and expectations of our customers are always at the focus of our attention.
  • We keep putting our work and procedures to the test and are always searching for ways to improve our solutions.
  • Our staff is considerate and loyal. Team spirit is not an empty word to us.
  • We act cost-consciously and economically efficient.
  • We consume the world’s resources with particular regard to effect and follow the newest developments in technology.