Quality management

Qualitätsmanagement - vhi GmbH & UK Ltd. - VerankerungssystemeOur customers are entitled to expect special performances of us. That’s why we attach great importance to offering them highquality products, professional engineering, quick supply and an efficient customer service. On top of this, we attach great value to consistent quality management, extensive certifications and highly qualified staff, who possess a good quality-awareness. Well organized work inevitably lead to good working results. This is the reason why we have been working in accordance with the ISO 9000-standards since our company was founded. Since July 1999 we have been certified in accordance with the provisions of the German Standards Institute, EN and ISO 9000. Our quality management system comprises the complete range of high-standard business processes. As a result of these commitments we can be sure that the work flows are verifiable, easy to understand and highly transparent. In this way we document the quality-demands we make upon ourselves.

Since we strive for a sound risk management and a precautionary health and environment policy, it’s a matter of course for us to work in compliance with the new European chemical legislation REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals). We have successfully applied the new regulations within our company. All our processes are “REACH-concordant” and our employees regularly take part in training seminars.

Certified quality:
our group of enterprises is DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 certified.
Approved safety:
our group of enterprises has been awarded the “REACH-approved” certificate
for the way in which they deal with hazardous substances.

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